Thursday, 2 June 2011

"Shabby Chic Garden" Coffee Sleeve Mini Album

I have finally finished my "Shabby Chic Garden" mini album created using coffee sleeves for the last swap that I entered over at Life on the {Scrap}beach.  This swap was hosted by Irene Cordova...Thanks, Irene, for being such a fantastic hostess!!!

The swap included two parts.  In part one, Irene put us in groups of six.  Each member of the group was responsible for creating six identical kits for one page of the album.  We then each sent in five of the kits, and received five back - one from each of the other five members of our group.

In part two of the swap, Irene assigned 3 sets of partners within each group.  We then created a mini album using only the supplies in our kits and mailed it to our partners.  My partner was Ginger can check out the beautiful mini she created for me on her YouTube channel at "MySistersScrapper", and by clicking the following link:

So, you say, "What does your mini look like, Monique?"  Well, my mini looks so completely different than Ginger''s crazy!  We had the same supplies!  Here are a few pictures to give you a sneak peek at the album:

If you would like to see the complete mini album, I have posted a two-part video on my YouTube channel.  You can find these videos by clicking on the following links:
Part I:
Part II:



  1. WOW this is soooo amazing!!!!

  2. I absolutely love your mini! I've told you so on your youtube page :) I am currently with a group and would love to do this swap. I hope you don't mind me taking a picture of one page to use just as the example. I will certainly put your blog info in for credit! Thank you for sharing your work :)

    wannabecraftygrandma at gmail dot com

    1. Donna,
      Thank you for asking - I don't mind at all. Please let me know who is hosting the swap.

  3. Hello Monique,
    Sorry for not getting to this sooner. I have started doing this three times and got distracted! This time, I will post it :) I'm doing the swap over at and so far only a few have shown interest. I'm hoping I get at least a couple more before the end of the month so we can do a nice, six page book. Thanks for your videos/tutorials! Without them, I would have never ventured into doing a swap of this nature! I'll keep you up to date, if you'd like :)
    Thanks again for everything, Monique!

  4. This is a stunner! I love it to bits!!!