Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Solution to problems posting comments...

I have had a couple of people emailing me with regards to not being able to post on my blog.  It seems that when they wanted to post a comment, Blogger kept taking them back to the sign in page and the comment was never posted. 

You can try using an internet browser other than Explorer 9.  Otherwise, you can try this solution:
  1. Go to the blog post, and make the comment as usual.
  2. When the "sign in" window appears, sign in with your info... BUT UN-CHECK the "Stay Signed In" box.
I hope this works!  I know it has worked for others :)

1 comment:

  1. It's always nice to put a face to the name. ;o) Great start to your blog good luck, I'm coming up on my 2 yr anniv. Be sure to check me out next week for my giveaway.