Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Well, here goes...

Well, this is my first attempt at blogging.  I had a weak moment back in February when I spontaneously opened a YouTube account and posted my first video...and I can't believe the response I've had!  It's been just over 3 months, and I've accumulated almost 400 subscribers to my YouTube channel, have had several requests to develop a pattern for my "Vintage Camera Mini Album", and even received a shout-out from Laura Dension at Following the Paper Trail!!!

Sooooo...the inevitable has happened.  I've started a blog!  What I am hoping this blog develops into is a place where anyone can feel comfortable asking any question, make requests for showing my take on various themes and projects, and a place where I can make my patterns available to all those interested.  Of course, I need to write these patterns first.  I will start with my very popular "Vintage Camera Mini Album" pattern and post when it is available.

If you haven't seen my "Vintage Camera Mini Album", you can preview it on YouTube by clicking on the following link:

Thank you all for your interest in my work!


  1. Loved your camera. Can't wait for the tutorial. I will be looking forward to many more of your projects. Hugs Suez

  2. I would like to Congratulate you Monique on your success. I have know doubt the scrapbooking, charm making, and You Tube is gonna take you places you never dreamt of going. You are a real inspiration even though my hiatus is lasting alot longer than I thought it would. I promise I will get back into it soon. Ya, I know...promises promises:)ok, now lets see if this will post without me having to go through a whole joining/password etc!

  3. Wow Monique you sure have an awesome blog site!

  4. WOW I am still sitting her with my mouth open in awe of your vintage camera mini...Laura was right AWESOME!!!!
    Back to watch more of your videos!